Amazon 5 Star Reviews for Lyla Blake Ward’s

How to Succeed at Aging Without Really Dying

“My wife grabbed this book from the pile of mail before I got a chance to read it, and before long there were peals of laughter coming from the other room. If you are in the over 60 crowd like us, you will enjoy this author’s wry sense of humor about aging, grandchildren, doctors, diets, confusing technology and more.”

“I absolutely loved this book. As one who is, um, getting on, as they say, I found the book to be very funny and enlightening. I laughed out loud many times. Though the subject matter could be serious and dull, the author chose instead to use a light touch and humorous view that is just delightful.”

“The author of this book could have been my twin. She tells us how it is for people who are over 50 and trying to survive in the electronic age. VERY funny!“

“If you are an Erma Bombeck fan, you will thoroughly enjoy this book. And if you are too young to know who Erma Bombeck was–read it anyway! The author will have you laughing and thinking at the same time.”

“One doesn’t have to be of the geriatric set or ready for the nursing home to appreciate the somewhat complex nature of today’s technological wonders, or the amusing differences between the generations.”

“I normally read comedic books with a smile, perhaps an occasional chuckle. But this book made me laugh out loud more often than not. And, at times, I simply could not stop from the vivid visual images the author could paint. I really felt this book was a gem.“